First Day of School Fairy
first day of school

We have put together some helpful tips that we hope are useful for you and your family. Please understand these are merely suggestions offered to help you and your children. Only you can know which ones are best for your family.

Prepare a healthy breakfast for your family on the first day of school. My family loved strawberry/banana smoothies.
Label your child's school supplies. You never know what will be popular and your child may have supplies similar to what another child may have.
Select your child's clothing for the First Day of School, to avoid any last minute rush. Dress your kids in "kid friendly" clothing. Jackets, sweaters, mittens...etc. will need to be easy for kids to put back on when the school day ends.
You may want to consider having a rehearsal lunch with your small children. This gives you a chance to see if any part of their lunch creates difficulty for them including juice boxes or other packaging that can be difficult to open.
Some parents find it helpful to prepare their child's backpack the night before so it is ready to go on their first day.
If your school offers "Meet the Teacher" night, you will definitely want to attend. This gives your children an opportunity to see their classroom, meet their teacher, meet fellow classmates, and become familiar with their school. Often this is the time when the teacher provides parents with the necessary school supply list.
Enjoy the first day of school with the custom designed products.
Brandon woke up bright and early on the first day of school - when we came out to the kitchen he had a very shocked looked on his face. He said "Mom - what is all of this?" I told him "The First day of School Fairy was here and left all of these wonderful goodies!" He said "I've been wondering if she was going to come! I'm happy she did!" He didn't even know of the FDOSF and can't wait for her to come again. Thanks!
Melissa, Phoenix, AZ