First Day of School Fairy
first day of school

Family traditions are created for the many celebrations of life. Due to an untimely death in our family, my husband and I became the parents of two more children, our sweet two year old niece and loveable five year old nephew. We were now blessed with four beautiful children all under the age of five.


Our caring child psychologist suggested that we develop a new family tradition. That thought was planted in my head when I was reading a family magazine article about the first day of school. Several parents had contributed to the article, writing in suggestions and ideas for the first day of school. One parent had stated that they gave their child books and told them the books came from the . I loved the idea of the
but was unable to commit to gifts every year for my four children. The idea that was once a seedling had spouted and began to grow into a new family tradition.

I began decorating our Breakfast Room table including making custom laminated placemats for each child. When the first day of school arrived, my children would wake up and make their way into the decorated Breakfast Room. They would be so excited to learn that the had visited our home that night. To this day, my teenage kids still love the tradition of the . We are delighted to share our family tradition with you.

What a delight for our sweet Shealeigh when she awoke to find that the First Day of School Fairy had taken the time to wish her well. We are half way through the school year and she continues to talk about that special moment and eagerly anticipates next year's visit.
Jenn, Mesa, AZ